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The Lignan-containing of Schisandra chinensis extract Berries Inhibits the Growth of Chlamydia pneumonia

Date:2016/9/8 21:48:16

The Lignan-containing Schisandra chinensis extract Berries Inhibits the Growth of Chlamydia pneumonia. The purpose 

of this study was to investigate the effect and selectivity of an Schisandra chinensis extract berries against 

Chlamydia pneumoniae and C. trachomatis. Among the ethnopharmacological uses of the Schisandra chinensis extract

fructus are cough and pneumonia. Therefore we focused on respiratory pathogens. The extract completely inhibited 

the growth of C. pneumoniae strain CV6 at 250 g/mL concentration. The inhibition of C. pneumoniae and C. trachomatis 

growth was dose dependent and established with three different strains. The extract inhibited C. pneumoniae production 

of infectious progeny in a dose dependent manner. Chlamydia selectivity was elucidated with growth inhibition measurements 

of three other respiratory bacterial species. A pure compound found in Schisandra chinensis berries, schisandrin B 

at 20.0 g/mL concentration inhibited the growth of both C. pneumoniae and C. trachomatis. The extract was found 

to be non-toxic to the human host cells. These findings highlight the potential of the extract from Schisandra 

chinensis berries as a source for antichlamydial compounds.