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Adsorption of Red Pigment from Schisandra chinensis Extract Liquor

Date:2016/8/31 17:03:08

Adsorption of Red Pigment from Schisandra chinensis Extract Liquor.Abstract Schisandra chinensis extract is used

as a traditional Chinese medicine and Schisandra red pigment is an important antioxidant helpful in antiaging 

study. In this work, the Schisandra red pigment was extracted by adsorbing the water-soaked liquor of 

Schisandra chinensis Extract fruit with resin. The kinetics, adsorption isotherms and thermodynamics for 

adsorption of red pigment from S. chinensis were investigated using HPD100 resin. The pseudo-second-order 

kinetic model correlated well to the experimental data. The equilibrium data were found to follow the Freundlich 

adsorption isotherm. The thermodynamic parameters including the changes of Gibbs free energy ( G ), entropy ( S )

 and enthalpy ( H ) demonstrated that the adsorption process of red pigment was spontaneous and endothermic. 

It was controlled by physical mechanism rather than chemical mechanism. The models of kinetics, adsorption 

isotherms and thermodynamics for adsorption of red pigment from S. chinensis can interpret the adsorption 

process. They also helped to gave guidance to the purification of red pigment of S. chinensis . Practical 

Applications Kinetics, adsorption isotherms and thermodynamics are helpful in the study of adsorption process. 

In this work, they were used to optimize the conditions of adsorption process and interpret the adsorption 

mechanism. The results provided references for the research on red pigment of Schisandra chinensis extract and other 

pigments, in addition, they were of great significance in further application of adsorption technique.