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Schisandra Chinensis extract on immune injury by radiation

Date:2016/8/24 22:02:11

Schisandra Chinensis extract on immune injury by radiation. OBJECTIVE:To study the effects of Schisandra 

Chinensis(SC) extract on prevention and treatment of immune dysfunction caused by radiation.METHODS:48 BALB/c

mice were divided into 4 groups,SC treated group(SC 4 mg/g + 6 Gy for 396 s),NS group(NS + 6 Gy for 396 s),SC 

control group(SC 4 mg/g ) and normal group(NS).WBC and lymphocyte subset(LYM) of peripheral blood were counted.

Percentages of CD4~+ and CD8~+ T cells were measured by flow cytometry.Contents of IgG and C3 in mouse serum 

were analyzed by immunological turbidimetry. RESULTS:After irradiation,the number of WBC and LYM in peripheral 

blood of NS-treated mice was lower than that of normal control group[(3.73±1.05)×10~9 and(2.06±0.57)×10~9,

respectively,P 0.01].Compared to NS group,the number of WBC and LYM of SC treated mice was higher[(6.43±0.76)

×10~9 and(4.15±0.95)×10~9,respectively, P 0.01].There was no significant difference between SC group and NS 

group(P 0.05).The absolute numbers of CD4~+ and CD8~+ T subsets and the levels of IgG and C3 were decreased 

after radiation(P 0.01).Compared to NS group,the number of T lymphocyte subsets in SC-treated mice was higher 

than that of NS group(P0.01).CONCLUSION:SC could prevent the lymphocyte reduction and immune injury caused by