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Rapid determination and pharmacokinetics study of lignans in rat plasma after oral administration of Schisandra chinensis extract and pure deoxyschisandrin.

Date:2016/3/31 17:30:19

A simple, sensitive and rapid method for analysis of six lignans in rat plasma after oral administration of 

Schisandra chinensis extracts, utilizing liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS), was 

established and validated. 

Plasma samples were prepared by one-step protein precipitation using acetonitrile and the analytes were separated

 on an SB-C 18 column (10065mm65×653.065mm, 3.56508m) with the mobile phase of acetonitrile–water at a 

flow-rate of 0.865mL/min. Analytes were determined in a Schisandra chinensis extracts in the selected ion 

monitoring (SIM) mode using electrospray source with positive mode. The method was proved to be rapid, sensitive

 and reproducible, and it was successfully applied to the pharmacokinetic studies of six lignans in rat plasma 

after oral administration of Schisandra chinensis extracts. In this research, the pharmacokinetics of 

deoxyschisandrin was also studied following oral administration of the pure deoxyschisandrin. It was found that 

most of the pharmacokinetic parameters of deoxyschisandrin in the extract were changed significantly compared

 with those in monomer. 

The content assay also revealed that the concentrations of the lignan in the extract increased in vivo compared 

with the pure monomer. Some ingredients in Schisandra chinensis extractsthe extract may increase the dissolution

 of deoxyschisandrin, delay its elimination and enhance its bioavailability in rat. Copyright 08 2010 John Wiley

 & Sons, Ltd.