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Simultaneous determination of nine lignans from Schisandra chinensis extract using ultra-performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry in

Date:2016/3/31 17:27:46

The fruit of  Schisandra chinensis extract is a well-known herbal medicine and dietary supplement due to a variety of biological activities including antihepatotoxic and antihyperlipidemic activities. However, the simultaneous validation methodology and pharmacokinetic investigation of nine lignans of Schisandra chinensis extract in biological samples have not been proved yet. 

Thus, the present study was undertaken to develop the proper sample preparation method and simultaneous analytical method of schisandrol A, gomisin J, schisandrol B, tigloylgomisin H, angeloylgomisin H, schisandrin A, schisandrin B, gomisin N, and schisandrin C in the hexane-soluble extract ofSchisandra chinensis extract to apply for the pharmacokinetic study in rats. All intra- and interprecisions of nine lignans were below 13.7% and accuracies were 85.1鈥115% and it is enough to evaluate the pharmacokinetic parameters after both intravenous and oral administration of hexane-soluble Schisandra chinensis extract