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Studies on continuous preparation of effective fractions from Fructus Schisandra Chinensis Extract

Date:2016/3/23 17:21:01

Objective To establish preparative method of the different fractions from Schisandra Chinensis Extract. Methods The FSC oil was obtained by CO2 supercritical fluid extraction( SFE). The contents of three main lignans and linoleic acid in oil were determined using HPLC and GC,respectively. 

The debris was subsequently used to extract

Schisandra Chinensis Extract phenolic compounds,in which,the condition was optimized using response- surface method. The content of phenolic compound was determined using Folin- cicalteu's reagent. Finally,debris after phenolic compounds extraction was used to extract polysacharrides by water extraction and ethanol precipitation and the content of polysaccharides was determined by phenol- sulfate method. Results The oil yield rate was 14. 1%,in which,the sum content of three main lignans reached9. 

44% and the content of linoleic acid content in oil was 58. 4%. The optimized condition for phenolic compounds extraction was 60% ethanol,solvent / material ratio as 25,Schisandra Chinensis Extract sonication time as 31 min. The yield rate was 41. 2% and the content of phenolic compounds was 2. 56%. The yield of polysaccharide reached 3. 88%. Conclusion Our continuous extract method improved the exploration rate of FSC and facilitated the preparation of different extract meeting the different need of medicine and health foods development.