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Transport of Schisandra chinensis extract and its biologically‐active constituents across Caco‐2 cell monolayers — an in‐vitro model of intestinal transport

Date:2016/3/17 16:37:22

We have determined the intestinal transport of Schisandra chinensis extract and its lignans (gomisin A, gomisin N and schisandrin C) in the Caco-2 cell monolayer model. The transport across monolayers was examined for 2 h in absorptive and secretory directions. Quantitation of lignans was performed by HPLC. 

Out of the three lignans,Schisandra chinensis extract gomisin A exhibited bi-directional transport, with P(app) values in the range of 25-29 x 10(-6) cm s(-1), indicating a passive diffusion. Gomisin N, mixture and Schisandra extract displayed a higher transport in the secretory direction with efflux ratios in the range of 2.2-5.2.

 The efflux was Schisandra chinensis extract decreased in the presence of inhibitors of multidrug resistance protein (MRP) transporter (MK-571) and P-glycoprotein (verapamil) indicating a possible involvement of an efflux pump and MRP in the transport of Schisandra lignans. Poor transport of Schisandra chinensis extract was observed which could not be quantitated. The permeability of gomisin A in the isolated form was significantly different compared with the mixture