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Schisandra Chinensis ExtraInhibitory effect of Schisandra chinensis extract on proliferation of neurospheres of glioma

Date:2016/3/2 7:25:11

Objective To explore the effect of Schisandra chinensis extract on neurospheres of glioma and to study the possible mechanism of inhibition.Methods Glioma SHG-44cells were cultured in stem cells media(containing neurobasal media supplemented with B27,EGF and bFGF)and the neuroshperes were used in this experiment after 3passages.

Neurospheres were cultured and divided into control,50,100and 200mgL-1 Schisandra chinensis extract groups.The influence of Schisandra chinensis extract in proliferation of neuroshperes was measured by MTT assay.The levels of Bcl-2,Bax and caspase-3proteins were measured by ELISA.Results Compared with control group,the inhibitory rates of proliferation of neurospheres in 50,100and 200 mgL-1 Schisandra chinensis extract groups were significantly decreased after treated for 24,48and 72h(P0.01).

The ELISA results showed that compared with control group,the secretion of Bcl-2 and Bax protein was decreased,especially the levels of Bcl-2protein in 100and 200mgL-1 Schisandra chinensis extract groups(P0.05or P0.01);compared with control group,the ratios of Bax/Bcl-2in 50,100and 200mgL-1 Schisandra chinensis extract groups were increased(P0.01).Compared with respective control group,the expression of caspase-3protein in 50mg路L-1 group was significantly increased(P0.01).Conclusion Schisandra chinensis extracts might upregulate the ratio of Bax/Bcl-2and promote the secretion of apoptosis factors to induce the apoptosis and inhibit the growth of glioma neuroshperes.