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Schisandra Chinensis Extract: Protection of five organs

Date:2015/12/24 3:03:56

Schisandra chinensis extract can enhance the excitement of the central nervous system process, also can strengthen inhibitory process, make its balance each other, improve the regulation of the cerebral cortex; Can increase the rate of work, relieve fatigue. Can adjust blood pressure, enhance heart function. Can be excited to breathe, and expectorant, antitussive role.

Schisandra chinensis extract can promote bile secretion, and reduce the hepatitis patients serum valley - third transaminase, have a certain protective effect on liver cells. Can adjust the secretion of gastric juice, excited uterus, and improve eyesight, hearing, improve the discrimination ability of the skin receptors.

Schisandra chinensis extract tea can protect the body organs, the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney.

Schisandra chinensis extract contains rich organic acids, vitamins, flavonoids, sterols and have powerful healing effect of lignans (such as fructus schisandrae alcohol armour, fructus schisandrae b or fruit of Chinese magnoliavine fat element), it make liver strong, improve the efficiency of the cells to eliminate waste, supply more oxygen, construction and use of energy, improve memory and endurance.In ancient times, the Russia before the hunter hunt every time travel will be taking fructus schisandrae to strengthen the fill gas.

Firstly, schisandra chinensis extract promote liver detoxification process, by accelerating vinegar amino phenol metabolic rate, and reduce GSH, against the toxicity of CCl4, etc., to protect the liver from poison, and can cause damage to the liver cell regeneration.

Secondly, schisandra chinensis extract magnoliavine has anti-inflammatory effects, in order to prevent the liver cell damage, activate the anabolic processes to promote restoration of the damaged liver cells, and can enhance the deoxidization nucleus carbohydrate nucleic acid (DNA) composite amino acid decarboxylase activity and bird, prompting the damaged liver cell regeneration.

Thirdly, schisandra chinensis extract enhance human immunity, and enhance resistance to disease and recover the energy loss due to long time tired, speed up the recovery after illness.