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Schisandra Chinensis Extract:Little secret that protect liver

Date:2015/12/23 6:45:08

Schisandra chinensis extract can protect the body, the heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney in Japan and China pharmacopoeia, Schisandra chinensis extract popular monograph is the subject.As early as two thousand years ago, the king's palace noble and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been generally used the traditional use of physical teacher fine quality goods. Schisandra chinensis extract, just as its name implies is a sheen, sweet, sour, bitter and salty five medicinal fruit, in general only with one or two kinds of ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, is unique. Schisandra chinensis extract can proceed to the five internal organs of human body, heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney play a role of balance.

Schisandra chinensis extract contains rich organic acids, vitamins, flavonoids, sterols and have powerful healing effect of lignans (such as fructus schisandrae alcohol armour, fructus schisandrae b or fruit of Chinese magnoliavine fat element), it is both fine, gas, god one of three big benefit of the few herbs, strong liver qi, improve the efficiency of the cells to eliminate waste, supply more oxygen, construction and use of energy, improve memory and endurance. In ancient times, the Russia before the hunter hunt every time travel will be taking fructus schisandrae to strengthen the fill gas.

Schisandra chinensis extract for patients with chronic hepatitis of the caused by virus (type A, type B, C, D and E) is especially effective. In addition, Schisandra chinensis extract has anti-inflammatory effects, to stop the liver damage, activate the anabolic processes to promote restoration of the damaged liver cells, and can strengthen deoxidization nucleus carbohydrate nucleic acid (DNA) composite amino acid decarboxylase activity, birds and regeneration of liver cells.

Schisandra chinensis extract on liver damage caused by elevated serum Alt has lower effect. If hepatic transaminase lifts, with jaundice, and have poor food, and often irregular nausea, abdominal distension, defecate, tongue coating thickness bored with spleen and stomach, such as hot and humid, obviously with the Schisandra chinensis extract bubble water to drink, can protect the liver. Use the Schisandra chinensis extract bubble water to drink the method is very simple, clean Schisandra chinensis extract in the cup, then pour boiled water, place 10 minutes, can drink.

Work for long-term overwork, consumes low JingXie, viscera function, and often difficult to alleviate fatigue, not only can brew Schisandra chinensis extract drinking water, can also use the cassia seed, medlar, bubble water to drink to protect the liver.