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Schisandra Chinensis Extract: four ways to eat

Date:2015/12/23 6:03:37

Schisandra chinensis extract has four ways to eat which make you healthy and energetic.

A lot of people think Chinese traditional medicine recuperates the body effect is better than western medicine, actually there is a reason, why? Because a lot of Chinese herbal medicine not only can be used as a medicine, but also can eat, so traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is one of the health care effect is very good, the kinds of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a lot of, also many edible, what is introduced today is the schisandra chinensis extract, introduce how to eat it.

eat one 

100g a pot of water, add schisandra chinensis extract, after boiling as tea drink, this approach is very simple, general bubble water is ok, this way can have the effect of the nerves, but also can regulate the liver and kidney function. At the same time for some sub-health crowd, appear insomnia, much dream, be agitated and so on, the role of these problems can have improved. Take about half a month can see curative effect, can take two months continuously.

eat two

Schisandra chinensis extract and longan meat 500 grams, add water boil boil, fry about one hour, remove the slag, add honey 500 grams, it slowly with the temperature, until become a paste, eat just use a small spoon, don't take more than three times a day, this way can fill gas blood, to have anemia, insomnia, could improve the situation of palpitate palpitations.

eat three

Simmered boil with schisandra chinensis extract, rice and water into porridge, daily use, can curing liver, nourished kidney, but also can protect the stomach, long-term use, and benefit to body health, drink after eating the porridge and the effect of therapy, reduce the damage of alcohol on the body.

eat four

Stir-fry schisandra chinensis extract in the pot with a slow, until some slight sear state, remove, add honey and green tea into the cup with boiling water for five minutes, schisandra chinensis extract tea. This bubble water are honey green tea, fruit of Chinese magnoliavine, its role is big, very suitable for office gens crowd oh, can have the effect of refreshing yangxin, can also raise kidney nourishing the liver, for men is also a very good health drink, safe to eat.

We recommend the above four kinds of ways, in fact, how to eat is relatively simple, and the taste of the medicine don't have much, will not feel bitter, fit to eat, with a lot of food such as soup, or cooked porridge, is right choice, but also can be nourishing the liver kidney, let you healthy and energetic, also can treat insomnia, much dream.