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Schisandra Chinensis Extract: differents between north and south

Date:2015/12/22 7:50:20

Fructus schisandrae points north schisandra and kadsura, and excellent quality of fructus schisandrae chinensis than kadsura.Of fructus schisandrae chinensis extract showed irregular spherical or oblate, 5 ~ 8 mm in diameter. Surface is red, purple or dark red, shrivel, oil moisten, soft fruit, some surface is black and red or "hoar". 

Seeds: 1 or 2, kidney-shaped, surface tan, luster, seed thin and brittle. Pulp micro gas, flavour acid; Seeds after crushing, aroma, taste, slightly bitter.The main producing area of schisandrae chinensis extract for northeast China and Inner Mongolia, HeBei, ShanXi and other places. South mixed grain is smaller. Surface red-brown to dark brown, dry and shrivel, pulp often close to the seed.

Schisandrae chinensis extract like slightly acidic soil humus. Wild plant growing in a mountainous area miscellaneous wood in the forest, forest margins or valley bushes, wrapped around the other trees to grow. The drought resistance is poor. Natural conditions, the rich, good drainage and suitable soil moisture equilibrium development best.

In a word, the schisandrae chinensis extract can improve physical, eliminate fatigue, improve intelligence and improve the work efficiency. The elderly kidney essence deficiency gradually with the increase of age,physical decline, mental decline, fructus schisandrae kidney essence improve brain power, so the mental and physical, and experimental research show that fructus schisandrae in urogenital system has certain anti-aging effect. Therefore, Schisandrae chinensis extract is constantly is good for anti-aging and effective drugs for the treatment of certain diseases.