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Schisandra chinensis extract has strong anti-hiv activity

Date:2015/12/22 5:58:36

The reporter learns from cas kunming institute of botany. In the chemical study of schisandra chinensis extract, first discovered the derivatives of schisandra chinensis extract active compounds have strong anti-hiv activity.Under the national major drug discovery project funding. Now preclinical research is conducted.

Schisandra chinensis extract was named of its sour, sweet, bitter, bitter and salty,five tastes. For the first time reseach, we found that the schisandra chinensis extract magnoliavine SJP - L - 5 active compounds of derivatives has strong activity of AIDS virus (HIV), can protect the HIV infection leads to MT - 4 cells die, can work on the virus double-stranded DNA into the nucleus.

As a result of this derivative has no chiral (easy) for the industrial production, strong activity, unique mechanism of action, low toxicity.In the country, with the support of major drug discovery project is currently in preclinical studies, is expected to become a new type of potential anti-hiv drugs.

Schisandra chinensis extract as nourishing and strong and famous nerves composed of traditional Chinese medicine, clinical application of two thousand years of history Schisandra chinensis extract have the function of protecting the liver, the inhibition of the central nervous system, strengthen the body's immune and nourishing and strong medicinal, has long been used as a kind of important Chinese traditional medicine has been widely used in folk.

At present, chemical research group of schisandra chinensis extract has 110 research papers published articles, apply for a patent for invention 10, 9 has been authorized.