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Schisandra Chinensis Extract Side Effects

Date:2015/12/18 8:25:36

Schisandra chinensis extract has little poison, it can excite respiratory center, increase the respiratory frequency and amplitude. With increased gastric acid and antihypertensive effect.

(1)Side effects: oral statement more than 13 ~ 18g schisandra chinensis extract can have hiccups, anti acid, a burning sensation in the stomach and intestinal blare, drowsiness, I have an allergic reaction.

(2)The toxic reaction of schisandra chinensis extract: fever, headache, fatigue, dry mouth, have different ambiguous feeling, nausea, vomiting, urticaria, etc.Healthy oral ether schisandra chinensis extract, equivalent to more than 13 ~ 18 g oral statement can have hiccups, acid reflux, a burning sensation in the stomach, intestinal blare, sleepiness and so on.

Schisandra chinensis extract has taboos.

Schisandra chinensis extract, medlar, jujube, ginseng bubble water to drink together won't have side effects. But always medicine is medicine, good condition, there is no need to eat it, catch a cold also can't eat it.

Hepatitis patient take schisandra chinensis extract powder or honey pill, no obvious side effects. There are reports of individual patients take this product after the loss of appetite, anti acid stomach pain or a burning sensation in the stomach. Also have schisandra chinensis extract powder cause allergic reactions in 1 case report.

Schisandra chinensis extract, after all, is a drug, not health food, occasionally use, can not eat for a long time, especially during the cold, cough at the beginning, when there is internal heat, can't be taking.