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Research of Schisandra chinensis extract lignans optimization and emulsion stability

Date:2016/9/30 15:01:37

Research of Schisandra chinensis extract lignans optimization and emulsion stability.The application of ultrasonic extraction technology was studied with separated Schisandra chinensis extract seed as raw material,ethanol as extraction solvent,and an orthogonal experiment scheme was designed to optimize to the best extraction process.Then the effect of twain 80,polyglycerol essien acid ester compounds,hydrophilic octyl and decyl glycerate to emulsion stability was studied with lignans extracts as raw material.

The result of the study showed that,the best extraction process of Schisandra chinensis extract:concentration of ethanol:90%,solid-liquid ratio:1:8,extraction time:50min,extraction frequency:twice.Under these conditions,the extraction rate of Schisandra lignans was 3.06%.The best technology of add-back process of emulsification:29.2mg lignans extract was added to every 100mL emulsion and twain 16.7mg,Polyglycerol essien acid ester compounds,41.7mg and hydrophilic octyl and decyl glycerate,41.7mg were also needed.Solution after lignans emulsification backfilling was clear,and had better stability since the emulsification phenomenon in 60 days stored at room temperature didn't appear.