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Schisandra Chinensis Extract Clinical Application

Date:2015/12/17 9:13:09

Schisandra chinensis extract are used for a long time false asthma, nocturnal emission semen leakage, enuresis urinary frequency and diarrhea, spontaneous perspiration night sweats, law of thirsty, palpitations insomnia.

1) Neurosis use schisandra dispensing treatment, curative effect is better.

2) Iinfectious hepatitis treatment with schisandra chinensis extract preparation of hepatitis of sex of acute, or chronic hepatitis, satisfactory curative effect, especially reduce serum transaminase recent curative effect is good, but there is premature discontinuation bounce phenomenon.

3) Spontaneous sweating, night sweats, compatibility of negundo, ephedra root, etc.

Schisandra chinensis extract has some adverse reactions

1) The side effects of oral statement more than 13 ~ 18 g can have hiccups, anti acid, a burning sensation in the stomach and intestinal blare, drowsiness, I have an allergic reaction.

2) Schisandra chinensis extract's toxic reaction is characterized by: fever, headache, fatigue, dry mouth, have different ambiguous feeling, nausea, vomiting, urticaria, etc.

Schisandra chinensis extract's usage and dosage

Internal: decoct soup, 0.5 ~ 2 money; Or the pill, powder.

External use: at the end of the research contents or Fried washed.