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HPLC Determination of 5 Lignans in Schisandra Chinensis extract(Turcz.)Baill

Date:2016/9/26 23:55:44

HPLC Determination of 5 Lignans in Schisandra Chinensis extract(Turcz.)Baill

HPLC was applied to the determination of 5lignans,i.e.schisandrol A,schisantherin A, deoxyschisandrin,schisandrin B and schisandrin C in Schisandra Chinensis extract(turcz.)baill.The sample(1.000g) was extracted in microwave extraction device with methanol(20mL)for 5min at the temperature of 70℃,and an aliquot of the extract was separated on Hypersil ODS C18chromatographic column,using mixtures of acetonitrile and water with different mixing ratios as mobile phase in the gradient elution.UV-detection at 225nm was adopted in the determination.

Linear relationships between values of peak area and mass concentration of the 5lignans were kept in definite ranges,with detection limits(3S/N)in the range of 0.029 2-0.050 7mg•L-1.Tests for recovery were made by addition of mixed standard solution at 3concentration levels to 6samples as matrixes,giving values of recovery and RSD′s(n=6)in the ranges of 95.3%-101%and 1.1%-2.4%respectively.