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The Anti-Fatigue Effect of Schisandra Chinensis Extract

Date:2016/9/26 23:51:28

The Anti-Fatigue Effect of Schisandra Chinensis Extract.Objective: To evaluate the anti-fatigue effect of Schisandra chinensis extract(SCE) in mice.

Methods:160 clean male ICR mice were randomly divided into four groups.The mice in the control group were gavaged with distilled water,while the others were respectively gavaged with Schisandra chinensis extract SCE at 1.67mL/kg,3.3mL/kg,10mL/kg for consecutive 30 days.Then the experiments such as loading swimming,serum lactate acid,serum urea and liver glycogen were performed.Results:Schisandra chinensis extract SCE could significantly prolong the loading swimming time,reduce serum urea level and increase the content of liver glycogen.High concentration of Schisandra chinensis extract SCE(10mL/kg) obviously reduced the lactate acid level.Conclusion:Schisandra chinensis extract SCE possesses the function of anti-fatigue in mice.