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Schisandra Chinensis Extracts are drinked with water

Date:2015/12/17 8:58:46

What are the side effects of schisandra chinensis extract? Watches of schisandra chinensis extract can protect the body, the heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidney. In modern China and Japan (invaded China stole a lot of information of traditional Chinese medicine), Schisandra chinensis extract is a popular subject matter. Schisandra chinensis extract, just as its name implies is a sheen, sweet, sour, bitter and salty five fruits of medicinal properties. So, what is the effect of schisandra chinensis extracts are drinked with water?

Schisandra chinensis extract for oneself the function of traditional Chinese medicine yiqi, the folding of the pulmonary zi kidney, antidiarrheal, acerbity, sedative, can treat long cough false asthma, less dry mouth, spermatorrhea long xie jin, insomnia forgetful, etc.

Schisandra chinensis extracts are drinked with water which have the effections like: kidney, nerves, nourishing Yin, is acerbity, thirst, stop sweat,etc.

Some traditional Chinese medicine think that schisandra chinensis extract mixed together, so in the five zang-organs are to fill. But not so nice bubble of water. With 5 grams every time.

Schisandra chinensis extract can treat lung false asthma cough, dry mouth thirsty, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, internal lesion caused by overexertion this thin, wet dream semen leakage, long xie long flow field.

1) the folding of the lung cough: used for lung kidney empty empty cough, asthma, often associated with kidney medicine share.

2)shibuya fine antidiarrheal: used in spermatorrhea, long xie. Treat spermatorrhea often mantis egg-case, calcined keel; Hong long xie often with nutmeg, Gordon euryale seed.

3) fluid sweating: used for Yin fluid deficiency of thirst, night sweats, often with dwarf lilyturf, raw oysters.

4) all blood dissipation of shock, collapse, both countries can be matched with tonic.