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Identification and Determination of Qualitative Research for Schisandra Chinensis Extract(Turcz.) Baill.

Date:2016/9/24 23:10:30

Identification and Determination of Qualitative Research for Schisandra Chinensis Extract(Turcz.) Baill.

To establish the identification and determination of qualitative standard for Schisandra Chinensis Extract(Turcz.)Baill.

METHODS Fructus Schisandra Chinensis was identified by TLC.The determination of lignan was performed by UV-visible spectrophotometry.The determination of effective eomponents were performed by HPLC with the mobile phase consisted of methanol-acetonitrile-water(1∶1∶1),and the wavelength was set at 250 nm.

RESULTS The tested products in chromatography,in contrast with the reference substance and medicine by the corresponding position,showed the same color of fluorescent spots.Schisandra lignans of theγ-Schisandrin,a good linearity ofγ-Schisandrin was obtained ranged from 0.005 5-0.026 7 mg•mL- 1,and the average recovery was 101.4%(RSD=2.5%).Three good linearities of Schisandrin,Deoxyschizandrin and γ-Schisandrin were obtained ranged from 0.275-1.375μg(r=0.999 7),0.125-0.625μg(r=0.999 7)and 0.160-0.800μg(r=0.999 7), and the average recoveries were 97.9%(RSD=1.4%),99.0%(RSD=1.9%)and 98.2%(RSD=1.9%).

CONCLUSION The methods are simple,accurate,and specific,and can be used for the quality control of extraction of Schisandra Chinensis Extract(Turcz.)Baill.