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Schisandra Chinensis Extract Pharmacological function②

Date:2015/12/17 1:10:50

7.Schisandra chinensis extract water immersion, ethanol water immersion, tension with cardiovascular system, strengthen the contractile force, are antihypertensive effect of anesthesia, anesthesia rabbit.

8.Adjust gastric secretion, promote the secretion of bile. The valley - in patients with hepatitis c transaminase have significantly lower effect.

9.Schisandra chinensis extract can promote the salivary glands of the stomach feeding mice galactose and the synthesis of acetyl galactose, significantly increased, make IgG prompted to boost the body's immune function.

10.Schisandra chinensis extract b element, schisandra chinensis extract ketone and schisandra chinensis extract diol by vitamin C - NADPH or of rats induced by Fe2 + - cysteine, liver and kidney microsomal lipid 

peroxidation have significant inhibitory effect. schisandra chinensis extract phenol with antioxidant activity, and can protect the heart and liver mitochondria damage caused by oxygen free radicals.

11.Biphenyl double ester of progressive muscular dystrophy hamster has a therapeutic effect, the muscular dystrophy caused by concurrent cardiomyopathy and other causes of calcium accumulation of cardiomyopathy 

cause has certain treatment function.

12.Schisandra chinensis extract ethanol extract of carbon tetrachloride, thioacetamide, b estradiol amyl ether elevated serum transaminase phenomenon caused by the chemical material such as have lower effect. Brand name "five ren", has been used in clinical, hepatitis b disease.