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Schisandra Chinensis Extract Pharmacological function①

Date:2016/2/26 8:54:21

1.Dose of schisandrae chinensis extract could enhance the dog's excitement and inhibition process, and can make the balance between each other, dose is causing excitement, insomnia and poisoning phenomenon such as breathing. Of fructus schisandrae chinensis could increase the excitability of the central nervous system, improve the work efficiency of the body, relieve fatigue, reduce the sleepy feeling. And significantly enhance the center and the surrounding the sensitivity of the vision.

2.Schisandra chinensis extract, small dose has indirectly to nicotine effect, large dose has the choline. Effect on nerve excitement medicine without a fight, but can enhance the effect of reserpine.

3.Schisandra chinensis extract's impact on the endocrine:The ether extract of schisandra chinensis extract large doses can make the baby mice thymus atrophy, shows that it can improve the ability of adrenal cortex.

4.Can promote the P32 from gastrointestinal absorption of schisandra chinensis extract and strengthen their savings in the liver, kidney, lung,heart, spleen, and brain. Of schisandrae chinensis extract could strengthen the activity of alkaline phosphatase, temporarily for the brain, liver and muscle of breathing have special excitation, can increase the oxygen tension and have better tolerability.

5.Schisandra chinensis extract is inhibition of rat myocardial cell membrane decoction the role of adenosine triphosphate enzyme activity (one way to improve the physiological function of the heart).

6.Schisandra chinensis extract ether extract oral or injection has obvious cough and expectorative effect. This product acid, have obvious dosage-effect relation.