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Schisandra Chinensis Extract Introduction

Date:2015/12/17 1:10:09

Introduction of schisandra Chinensis extract 

Irregular spherical fruit, 5 ~ 8 mm in diameter. On the surface of red, purple or dark red, shrivel, oil moisten, sometimes visible "hoar". Soft fruit, 1 ~ 2 pills containing seeds. Seeds kidney-shaped, 4 ~ 5 mm long, 3 mm wide, surface yellow brown, shiny, seed coat is hard and brittle, with pale yellow endosperm, rich oil. Pulp micro gas, flavour acid, seed broken after the aroma, taste XinWei bitter.

Main effective components in wooden fat element such as fructus schisandrae armor (Deoxyschizandrin), fruit of Chinese magnoliavine b (γ-Schizandrin), fructus schisandrae alcohol armour (Schizandrin), fructus schisandrae alcohol ethyl (Aomisin), fruit of Chinese magnoliavine c element (Pseudo - r - Schizandrin), fruit of Chinese magnoliavine ester (Schisantherin A) etc, also contain pinene etc A variety of volatile oil and citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid and other organic compounds.

Characters of schisandra Chinensis extract

Schisandra Chinensis Extract is a palm red to red powder, gas micro, taste slight bitter.

The recommended specifications of schisandra Chinensis extract

Fructus schisandrae alcohol armour 1.5% by HPLC

Fructus schisandrae total 5% by HPLC

Fructus schisandrae total 9% by HPLC