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Elementary Study on the Inhibition Effect of the Schisandra Chinensis Extracts (Turcz.)

Date:2016/9/11 23:55:29

Elementary Study on the Inhibition Effect of the Schisandra Chinensis Extracts (Turcz.) Baill against the Bacteria 

in Vitro. The aim was to study the bacteriostatic activities of extracts from Schisandra chinensis extract and 

provide references for its reasonable development.

[Method]With Echerichia coli,Staphylococcus aureus,Pseudomonas aeruginosa,Klebsiella peneumoniae as tested bacteria,

the antimicrobial activity of ethanol Schisandra chinensis extracts was determined by the method of filter 

paper and agar dilution.

[Result]It is shown that Schisandra chinensis extracts had a notable inhibiting microorganism activity.

By filter paper method,the MIC for every kind of microorganism was respectively as follows:S.aureus was 62.5

mg/ml,E.coli,P.aeruginosa and K.peneumoniae was 31.3mg/ml.By tube double dilution method,the result was in 

substantial agreement.The MIC of S.aureus was 50mg/ml,and the others were 25mg/ml.In addition,Schisandra 

chinensis extracts were excellent in heat stability,it still showed a strong antiseptic power after a 

treatment of heate.

[Conclusion]All the results showed that the obvious anti-bacterial activity was observed in Schisandra 

chinensis extracts,and its active components had a good stability against heating.